Architecture Art

Architecture Art

Architecture Art is founded in 2009 and is a young, flexible but above all professional architectural office. Our working area is the Netherlands and outside. The projects we accept are as well residentional as non-residentional, as well  conversion and renovation as complete new buildings.

The search through architecture we make together with our client. Every design project is unique and demands an thorough approach. In continuous dialogue with our client we develop concepts that replies the design question.

To us architecture is an additional layer above the functional building assignment. This is reflected in our company name: Architecture Art. Continuous learning regarding our professional field is hereby an important pillar of our office. Joining competitions is an good instrument for our development. Design ideas we developed at competitions are integrated in our work. We are fascinated by modern and international architecture.

Our Services
Concept to detail.
We are able to offer  the entire process starting with concept development, sketch design, pre design till final draft, planning application and specification drawings.

Msc. Ir. Olof Schonewille Architect & Photographer

Foundation Office Architects register nr.: 1070615019

Olof followed his study till architect at the Technical University of Delft, in 2001 he got his degree of Master of Science. Since then Olof is working as architect at Inbo architects Drachten. At Inbo Olof got experience in numerous projects varying in scale and varying in style from contemporary tradition to modern. Next to his job at Inbo Olof is mentor within Architecture Art.  A clear an consequent translation of concept to detail is typical for Olof’s working method. Olof is fascinated by modern architecture and photography.

Msc. Ir. Janet H.  Al Saifi Architect, Photographer, 3D animator & 3D sculpting artist

Foundation Office Architects register nr.: 1090715011

Janet followed the master program architecture at the Technical University of Delft. In 2008 Janet designed a competition entry for the Iraqi Memorial. Her project an abstract building sculpture which expressing an emotion of sorrow was rewarded by the public to the best thirteen. Janet obtained the Master of Science degree in 2009. In 2009 she is registered as architect in the SBA registry. Fascinated by modern contemporary architecture Janet is diligently working within Architecture Art.

Msc. Ir. Jabbar Al SaifiArchitect & Artist

Jabbar studied architecture during the seventies in Bratislava, Slovakia. In the eighties he worked as an architect at a well-known  architectural office in Bagdad, Iraq.  After his arrival in Holland he focused fully on painting. His paintings belong to the domain of realism. By subject matter, composition, color use and brush abetting Saifi has developed his own style. From time to time the architect Al Saifi can be seen in his paintings.

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