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Architecture-Art  & Van der Veen Trucks Drachten A7 op Cladding Point gepubliceerd.

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Iraqi memorial competition its an internanotial competition. The design honored with a public price, it is one of the best 13 chosen momeorial design. The Iraqi praying monument design is located in Baghdad at the centre of the traffic. The idea is coming from the victim’s graves which are symbolizing holes underground – 8000m with the glass wall around it. The sunshine goes through this holes to light the museum up. This museum can show the story of each dead civil Iraqi people. The main volume the praying Iraqi shows the paintings of the war on the wall. It has 8 floor levels which is not attached to the wall to let the light come from the upper level to the graves. The upper level is actually the peaceful place where the visitors can memories the victims. Published on (


Urban Centre

Graduation architecture project – its presenting the architecture and modernity – public realm department of the year 2009. This project is published on the technical university of Delft website. Check the link bellow; (


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