Architecture Art

3D collier

3D wires oorbellen

3D bloem oorbellen

3D drip oorbellen

3D sculptuur hanger

3D wires hanger

3D bloem hanger

3D 3x twistend hanger

3D 2x twistend hanger

3D twistend hanger

3D man sculptuur

3D brad pitt sculptuur

3D angelina jolie sculptuur

3D wires armband

3D mash armband

3D takken armband

3D bol ring

3D zeeanemoon ring

3D bloem ring

3D slices ring

3D minimalistisch ring

3D Bubbel ring

3D twistend ring

3D slang_ring

Angelina Jolie sculpture

Sculpture is made with Mudbox.

3D vrouwsculptuur

Our new candidate for 3D head sculpting. This sculpture is made for our beautiful lady we gave her a bit of happiness emotion at the same time she kept her real character expression. We wanted to keep the sculpture as a monumental head this why we did not add a lot of wrinkles from the […]

Asymmetrical necklace with multiple lines

3D muscular man

3D man head sculpture

Sculpture is made with Mudbox.

salon table

Material: Steel and Glass

High-rises in the Sahara

Fruity houses

Folded spaces

Silver grapes

Green World

The Earth

Colours beams

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